Feb 9, 2009

Be strong mak cik

Team chachamarba
Be strong mak cik!!
Our prayers are with you..

Mak cik will has a tube inserted into her brain to drain the Cerebrospinal fluid that has been accumulated due to the obstruction caused by the on-growing tumour. That is what i have been told by many. I dont noe the exact VP shunt procedure, but from medical point of view,I would say this is the best decision for the time being. Because raised intracranial pressure due to hydrocephalus will put makcik in a very risky condition. And the most frightening complication of raised ICP is brain herniation.

I pray that everyhting will run smoothly and i really2 hope to see mak cik in the very best of health dis coming june.

Be strong mak cik..
We will always stay behind u..



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