Sep 16, 2009


Luas and bus collide on O'Connell St

Pic: Darragh Sherwin

21 people have been injured, three seriously, after a collision involving a Luas tram and a bus on O'Connell Street in Dublin.

The driver of the Luas had to be cut from the wreckage by emergency services.

The accident occurred just after 3pm this afternoon.

There is widespread traffic disruption in the city following the accident and gardaí are diverting traffic away from the O'Connell Street and Parnell Street areas.

Luas Red Line services are only operating between Tallaght and Smithfield as a result.

Most Dublin Bus services, that would usually use O'Connell St, are diverting via Gardiner St instead.

O'Connell Street northbound is closed and will remain so until at least 7.30pm this evening.

However, the southbound side of the street has re-opened.


hmm,klu tanya org dublin, mesti semua pernah naik bus n LUAS.

mesti semua pernah pergi O'Connell St. O'Connell St tu merupakan jalan yg mmg femes la,kira mcm centre of dublin.

hai,xpernah dengar LUAS langgar bus,langgar orang mabuk malam2 ada le..huhuhu..

bak kata sorg member, jalan tu tak cukup luas untuk LUAS..hehe


Lady Qay said...

wahh scary..raya2 ni asyik accdint ja..ngah accdnt gak smlm...kena langgar ngan org dr blkg..

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