Nov 27, 2008

Study week is officially commenced.

Study week is officially started today,Thursday 27/11/08.(well my self-pronounced study week was actually started on tuesday, because I was too lazy to attend the last lecture of Haematology on Wednesday..but i have good reason though. Having an elective exam that evening yet nothing was done beforehand,so i have to stuff everything inside my head that morning, sacrificing the haematology lecture.huhu

Im not really a last minute person. But I did take the elective for granted eventhough i enjoyed the last 12 weeks learning basic computer(i took computer science as the elective subject this semester).hehe

So now the study week is here.

Last year,during the winter exam's study week, I spent about 2 hours a day to read the political stuffs,in conjunction with the election day last March. I read the entries in the political blogs across the internet including the controversial MalaysiaKini and MalaysiaToday. I read them just for fun and leisure in between the medical stuff that i 'obligated' to read.

Last summer's exam, I read mangas over the net. I started to read Bleach form chapter 1 till present. And after fininshing Bleach, I continued with Hana Kimi.hmm, sounds that i have plenty of time during the study week.yeah i admit.I DO have a lot of time that should be used for studying..well, as the say goes 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'.

No worries. I do study.A lot.I only read those mangas during my lunch time,my breaks and when my mind was cramped with those medical jargons that i felt like vomitting up blood(hematemesis).

Hmm,for this study week,I havent decided what should i read. Maybe i should try One piece..:)

Please pray for my success. I feel so anxious actually. Medicine is not getting easier though.

“O GOD, please bring me out of the darkness of illusions and honour me with the light of comprehension, O GOD open to us the doors of your mercy and propagate us the treasure of your knowledge by your mercy O the most merciful of the merciful ones.”



Lady Qay said...

chaiyok chaiyok....2 yrs to go....tolak la thun ni tuh..hehehe

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