Mar 19, 2010

The one that I miss

I'm officially finished my medicine and surgery rotations. But wait! There are lots more to come!

Stayed with Dr Syed Ali in breast clinic this morning. He is from Pakistan, early 50 I think. I like him,I feel like I was staying and chit-chatting with my dad. The ways he speaks and smiles,are really soothing. If Collin didn't reschedule the tutorial to 12noon, i would definitely stay longer with him. It's not that he taught a lot. It just that I see my dad in him.

I always see most of my family in most of people here.
If there is granny in bed with beautiful smile, I'll see mak tok in her.
If there is granpa with thick rim glasses, I'll see tokwan.
If there is little boy aged 8-10 in bus, I'll see my brothers.

But on top of that, I never see my mom in anybody,
because mom is so special that no one can ever replace her
and because i miss her so much that i remember everything about her, making me unable to associate her with anybody here!

Somehow this week some people (patients that i met) are so surprise that i only see my mom once a year. Yeah,reality bites.


My Heart Draws A Dream said...

touching betoi..mmg takde sapa boleh ganti mak kita selama2nya..saya sayang mak saya..heee

Misk said...

Hmmm... amat menyentuh perasaan... Ingatkan tak nampak pada mana2 orang serupa ngan mak coz tak ada orang yang seserious muka mak,selalu meleteri kakak dan selalau mengawal pergerakan kakak He..He... Any way Tq

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