Apr 3, 2009

My first week hospital life

One week at hospital..

A stir of emotions.

I would say that it is really tortuous.

No more straight forward learning, spoon fed,lazy wazzy.

First day in Mater, they just assigned us under blablabla team, provided with the intern number to bleep. That's all. We all supposed to bleep the intern, waiting for him/her to call back and arranged how to meet him/her.

My intern, when the first time I spoke to her,just asked me to come to St Cecilia ward. I thought that would be easy, just ask the receptionist and follow the signboard. But I thought wrong.

Didnt know that Mater has new and old buildings. It looked the same to me.So instead of going to St Cecilia ward which is in old building, I ended up searching the ward in new building. When I cant see 'st cecilia ward' on any of the signboard (obviously because it is the wrong building), I quickly presumed that I heard the name wrong (well Irish speak way toooo fast). I presumed it was St Teresa ward (because that is the name on the board, and it sounded quite the same too, with aa at the back,huhu). And I quickly dashed to the 4th floor, asked for Dr Collins. The receptionist, with frown forehead said she didnt know this Dr Collins. Shoot. And then I bleeped her again to really clarify things. Only then she explained that the ward is in the old building and I am now in new building.

Dashed down, rushed to the new building, asked for Dr Collins again. When I mention her name, the nurse repeated my sentence "where can I find Dr Collins?!". Weird.And they laughed. After that only then I know that the staffs there are not really familiar with Dr B.Collins surname( which is Collins).How should I know that??

Yeah,being the only medical student in the team is hmm quite unbearable sometimes. What you do is, just follow them around,for conferences,ward round,blabla. And after that, you are up to your own. Lucky me, on the fourth day, I had Tamara joined the team. She's a final meds from Hungary(She's actually an Iraqian living in Sweden,currently doing elective for surgery). We did a lot of things together, history taking, physical exams and including latte to go..hehe..and I learned a lot from her that day.

Well,forgot to mention, I am under Cardiothoracic Surgical team for this week. Sound fun rite. Yeap, after I learnd how things work, the dos and donts, what to expect, I found this rotation is quite interesting and I am looking forward for the next 2 weeks to continue with this rotation, because next week I've been scheduled for ENT.

So, Hola ENT~(I have this preconceived idea that ENT is not fun, boring,huhu,hope that ENT rota will prove me wrong!)


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