Oct 28, 2008

Autumn,Eid and Exams

It's been a while since the last time I wrote anything. Life became quite busy as you know UCD medical students always have their mid term exams. So I need to study even though I'm still in raya mood. Well for the sake of exams,I missed a lot of open houses. Poor stomach.

Well,raya is quite,err how to say,happening? yeah,we had couple of open houses here n there. And several Malaysian societies were kind to organize a few raya celebrations. n guess what?Lala won XBOX during the lucky draw of KUD's. How lucky!!! And everyone start to claim her their bestfrens and lovers and wutsoever.well if u cant win an xbox then try to win the heart of the girl who has the xbox..haha.

hmm,I just finished the GIT exam. still have another 2 which is a combined MCQ exam.
I just hope I could finish the revisions before the exam.

The temperature are dropping really fast! Last week it was around 14oC and now,it is 4!!.so cold.Im just thinking about getting under the duvet instead. so lazy to revise in this 'sleepophillic' weather.


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